from Gary Sisco

Oh, Jah- the memories. The times we had, all of us. Like I said, they wouldn't stand for it today. We'd all be doing hard time...for having fun and helping each each other through the days. Or was it the daze. Who knows. Who cares. We did it, we loved it we loved each other. Those of us still alive, who are of the tribe, we still do. Always will. I haven't actually laid eyes on Elwood * since mid-90's sometime when I drove down to Richmond, VA , to hang out with him at his place there for a week. We correspond on the e-mail with some fair regularity, though not everyday. I'm hoping against hope that he and Dave get to come to VT for a gig on their way back from their current tour of the UK and Ireland. It's not everyday and it's not going to be, when I can get out to the West. I've only seen David Reisch once since the morning I left Portland back in the days. I'll never forget it. He was parked in front of Roger North's joint, with Boozin' Susan and Emma, who was still a baby. Last thing I recall about Portland was saying happy trails to Dave and seeing himand Emma sitting on his stepvan's bumper in my rear view as we drove away. Some long years back, now, on 4th of July, I was walking to my car here in Jeffersonville (where I'd come to watch the annual 4th of July frog jumping contest that my late father and brother John and informallyadopted brother Henry ran for many years)
when I heard a voice call my name and there was Segundo* himself, in a station wagon with a new gal I'd never met. He'd nearly blown a finger off one of his hands the day before, playing with a homemade firecracker half the size of a stick ofdynamite. Not good for a bass player! That might have been the very early 90s but I'd bet it was still the 80s.Haven't seen any of the rest from the West. Haven't heard much, either. Michael told me he passed through Virginia City some time last year, maybe it was the year before-- I have memory problems, now, though not of the important things--and he said he saw Kustom Kenny* and Carol Thomas and Lonesome Wayne* and what all others are still there. Well I guess since reading your last, that Lonesome Wayne isn't still there! Ha ha. What in the world could he have ever done that made him not only wanted but unwelcome in those climes? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We use to wonder just what exact outrage we'd have to be clearly responsible for, just to get arrested there, never mind do any time... I guess Wayne found out! HA ha ha ha HA! Fuckin' old Okie. I loved him , too, Still do, though a quarter century passed since I actually saw him.

"There's a place in France

Where the women wear no pants

Skies ain't cloudy all day

Beer costs a dime

and dancin' is free

Pack my suitcase, honey

I'm on my way..."

Well, I haven't seen anyone from the NV crew since Winnie's Wake, way back in the early 80's, at Martineau's estate in Stafford, VT, when Martineau flew in the West Coast crew, Jeff included, and half a dozen or so of the Nevada Brigade. I was sorry to read in your last that Sporty's* gone, now, too. I knew Vita'd* died. And Tex*. Dave called me when Randy Rolaids* died. I saw Morgan's* note from Florida that he'd posted on Jack the Fluke's* memorial website.

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Tune: I Don't Know from Sisco & Pals The End Of The Trail


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