Sisco & Pals the End of the Trail  This CD contains "the legacy of one human soul's musical life." (Spencer Lewis, Seven Days)  This is a moving country folk-rock'n' blues set of music that is an indelible part of the Americana music scene.  Available for $6.00. Frederick Productions  CDFP007 To read the liner notes 

Steve Weber  The Holy Modal Rounders B.C. is act two of of the 1976 Rohan's Rockpile show in Vancouver, B.C. and completes the set started with Clamtones B.C.   Rocking versions of Low Down Dog, The Bird Song and Hippies Call It STP, to name a few.   SPECIAL PRICE ONLY $6.00. Frederick Productions CDFP006   
Doggone Good Time  The Play-Rite Boys and that it is!  Most of the songs on this CD were written by Teddy Deane.  Jonathan Piff accompanies Teddy with his beautiful guitar work.  Teddy Deane Music BMI  To purchase this CD click here
Time Spent Jim Boyer  This CD contains some of Jim's finest writing and playing... all of Jim's work is brilliant (ask anyone in the Northwest), but this one in particular is a real treat to listen to .  Jim wrote all the songs on the album  and  he is backed by Portland's best of the best.  $15.00 Frederick Productions CDFP003
Hoodoo Bash

Good Rain is one sultry, rocking and countrified pop album from a fabulous multi-instrumentalist and reknowned songwriter, Lex Browning. Curently with the Freak Mountin Ramblers, Lex has performed with Marv and Rindy Ross (Quarterflash & the Trail Band), Jeffrey Frederick (Les Clams), recorded & toured the world with Great Plains, was in the Austin Lounge Lizards, has written for and performed with Tanya Tucker, Vince Gill, Pam Tillis,Trace Adkins, Kenny Rogers and others.

Red Newt Records FPCD12 $16.


Hve Moicy 2 - The Hoodoo Bash is what happened when we brought together three of the original Have Moicy crew, Peter Stampfel, David Reisch and Robin Remaily, added Baby Gramps and Jeffrey Lewis, next generation NYC old-timey greats Eli Smnith, Walker Shepard and Craig Judelman, the gorgeous voices of Kristen Andreaseen and Zoe Stampfel, Tim Long and a touch of Bingo Richey, stirred and recorded for a week and let the magic flow. This one hit the big time with glowing reviews by Ken Tucker, Robert Cristgau and more. Literally indescribable and truly delicious $16.00

billy cover


billy hults... the Anthology in billy's words is an "autobiography of 40 years of music." This is a proud history of playing with the best, Baby Gramps, Michael Hurley, Jeffrey Frederick & the Clamtones, the Holy Modal Rounders, Jim Page, the Fly By Night Jass Band, the Floating Glass Balls... Frederick Productions FPCD14 $6.00


It Came From the Patio

Guitar virtuosos and Oregon Hall of Famers, Turtle Vandemarr and Steve Bradley present an eceltic mix of 14 originals and covers ranging from blues, country and honky tonk to rock and jazz. There is even a cameo appreance by the legendary Dan Hicks. There is a limited quantity of this CD so get yours now. $12.00

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You arelistening to the beginning of Dust from Jim Boyer, Trestle

So Far So Good... The Play-Rite Boys Teddy Deane & Jonathan Piff, featuring Linda Hornbuckle. Clamtone/Holy Modal Rounder Teddy really outdid himself on this album His writing is GOLD with lyrics to keep you singing in the shower. Some of these songs are standards in the making and each one is memorable. Red Newt Records FPCD10. Teddy Deane Music BMI $6.00

eating that way by Alexa Wiley

Alexa's earthy approach to song writing is capitvating and she never fails to set the hook in the first line. Her voice is melodious and her guitar work is fine.

Red Newt Records FPCD09 $6.00

album cover
Good Rain
















Outertainment ... What can we say? It's like the original Holy Modal Rounders only different. Peter Stampfel and Baby Gramps together on CD the first time. Two American Treasures, legends of Freak Folk and icons of cartoony musical madness. Amazingly, this is Gramps' first studio recording.



Trestle is the real deal, Jim at his best. His second and, sadly, last album, Trestle will blow you away. It covers the range of his musical versatility. Rock, country, blues and exposes his soul, with touching, gritty lyrics emphasized by his deliciously outrageous guitar work. Engineered by the legendary Gregg Williams.

Red Newt Records FPRNCD17 $16.